(current taxes included):


April 23rd 2017


April 24th 2017

On site


(current taxes included):

MEMBERS  435.00 €  485.00 €  530.00 €   TRAINER'S DAY 60.00 €
NON MEMBERS  520.00 €  600.00 €  650.00 €   CONSULTANT'S DAY 60.00 €
LOW INCOME COUNTRIES  150.00 €  150.00 € 170.00 €   GALA DINNER 90.00 €


Participants must register for the Conference prior to signing up for the Trainer and Consultant Days.


In order to register for the Conference, you may either register online or Download Registration Form and send it by e-mail to the Technical Secretary.


  Download Registration Form 



Online Registration Steps. Read these instructions carefully before signing up


1. When you register for the first time, in the initial LOGIN screen you must go to "II you are not registered, click here”

2. Enter your personal data. If you wish to receive an invoice for tax purposes, you must include your Passport or Tax ID number.

3. You will receive an e-mail with your login information for future reference. Click on “Continue to Conference Registration.”

4. Select your membership status. Accept the terms and conditions. You will be guided through the payment process of your choice.

5. Once you receive confirmation of your registration and payment, you may sign up for the Trainer and Consultant’s day in the “Activities and Sessions” section.  

6. In addition, through this same section, you may indicate if you wish to assist to the Gala Dinner, or may do so later by returning to your Member’s Area.

7. Please, choose the presentations you wish to attend. If you would like to change presentations during the Conference, you may do so only if there is space available in the room of your choice